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February 3rd, 2010: - Breaking New Ground the number one lead generator for the commercial mortgage industry announced Monday that its next upgrade will include new technology and detail to help lenders and brokers target loans that are marketable. The upgrades will include the borrower loading docs to coincide with the loan request as well as instant calculation and displaying of NOI, DCR and CAP Rate information.

In this new lending environment it is critical for lenders to know in advance which requests are doable. The additional loan scenario data along with the corresponding documents will not only make it easier for lenders and brokers to decide which requests to target but will speed the process by including many of the needed docs to begin the underwriting process. The goal for is to build a new and more transparent system for all industry segments to more efficiently target purchase, refinance and development deals that have a better chance of closing.


March 8th, 2010: - Management Approves Closed Loans Guarantee for 2010 / 11

The management team today approved extending the popular closed loans guarantee for the 2010 / 2011 fiscal year. The "Sucess Guarantee" as it is referred to by the company assures clients of either lead program that they will close at least two deals (loans or mods) or receive a full refund.


March 29. 2010: Commercial - Commercial Mod Training Program Launched

For 10 years has been the source for advertising, marketing and lead generation in the commercial real estate / finance industry. Now we've added training for those who wish to enter the commercial loan modification space.

The economic downturn and subsequent rise in vacancy and cap rates has led to an unprecedented number of Commercial Properties falling into a distressed status. With more than 1 Trillion Dollars in commercial loans coming due in 2010 and another 1.5 trillion by the end of 2012 there is a huge need and demand for Commercial Workout / Modification Assistance.

Commercial Loan Modification is the only answer to this problem over the next few years. Learning how to prepare and present a modification solution on behalf of commercial property owners will not only provide an extremely profitable business for you but help all parties involved in maintaining cash flow and jobs.

Our comprehensive commercial loan modification training is the number one tool on the market for this kind of information.

Learning Objectives
• Establishing a network of referrals for commercial mod prospects
• Analyze commercial loans to know which course of action is most productive
• Professionally present your proposal to achieve the most favorable terms
• Save Thousands in legal fees
• Avoid Personal liability by adhering to state and federal exemptions.

This is THE Business Opportunity of the new Decade!

Commercial Modification Training - Included Modules
• Course Materials Provided in PDF or Power Point
• Commercial Modification Overview
• Client Intake - Strategy and Evaluation
• The Lenders Point of View
• CMBS vs. Portfolio loans - What's the Difference?
• CMBS Strategy IRS and REMICS Rules
• CMBS Intake and Proposal Design
• Portfolio Loan - Evaluation
• Portfolio Strategy
• Portfolio Loan Intake and Proposal Design
• Commercial Valuation, CAP Rates, Debt Coverage and NOI
• Strategies for Maturing vs. Default or Delinquency
• Leverage Strategies
• Managing Lender Relationship
• Sample Forms / Docs for intake and analysis
• Sales Strategy - Phone Presentation / Scripts
• Sample Agreements - Client, Lender or Affiliate
• Fee Schedules - How to properly charge for services
• Legal References - IRS, State, Federal Regs and more is the number one provider of backend applications for deal facilitation, marketing and advertising services to the commercial real estate and finance industry for the past 10 years. provides the ability for all segments to find, research and communicate with each other to get commercial real estate deals done.


May 1, 2010: - Case Support Added to Commercial Modification Program Levels

Case support has been added to the 4 Commercial Modification program levels to assist clients in helping borrowers get the workouts done in a timely fashion. The number of cases supported correlates with the level of service chosen. Minimum case support of 10 cases is offered on level 1 with level 4 covering more than 100.

Case support is provided in two phases. When a borrower is first contacted and sends in intial docs for evaluation and once client is retained with the borrower sending all remaining docs resulting in a full proposal prepared for the lender to modify the existing loan. is considering offering this type of support on a case by case basis as well.


July 19, 2010: - Commercial Modification Program Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

The Commercial Modification Program celebrated its two year anniversary on July 1. Having been originally designed in Q1 of 2008 and launched in Q3 of that year the program has proven an invaluable tool for industry professionals who need to create new revenue streams during the recession. Through the two years the program has been upgraded several times and the closing ratio has improved with them.

Commercial Modification offers industry professionals the opportunity to assist commercial borrowers in negotiating a workout with the current lender to avoid foreclosure and maintain cash flow. As there is no closing in the process the only cost to the borrower is the cost of assistance making this solution an appealing one.

August 19, 2010: - Commercialification Modification Web Site Launched launched a new Commercial Modification Web Site to provide more content and information about this oine of a kind program. The site contains an industry overview, details of the program, Faqs and recent testimonials to help industry professionals better understand the program, it's benefits and costs.

August 25, 2010: - Commercial Modification Training Upgrade: has upgraded its Commercial Modification Training Materials to add more depth to the program and help new service providers better understand the dynamics of constructing a proper proposal. The new training materials include detailed case studies, sample proformas and sample loan mod analysis reports. The case studies cover a wide range of property types and loan scenarios ranging from Apartment loans done as portfolio to Hotels done as CMBS loans. The proformas are designed to show our clients how to project cash flow so that the current lender will agree and accept. Analysis reports were added to better train on the initial sales process where the borrower is shown what the issues are mathematically with the current loan and property to prove that the best current strategy is a workout solution.

October 15, 2010: - Article Site Lanched launched a new Article site to make finding news and press releases related to company activity easier and more efficient. The new site is located at The site will also maintain industry articles and news from MBAA, NAIOP, ICSC and the CRE Finance Counsel.

October 18, 2010: - Commercial Mortgage Leads Site Launched launched it's new Commercial Mortgage Leads web site this week located at to help lenders and brokers better understand the program, it's benefits and guarantees. The site will have a presentation feel and function to it allowing visitors to click through a step by step presentation of how this one of a kind commercial lead generation program works including sources of leads, verification process and sales techniques.

November 1, 2010: - New Price Model Launched launched it's new price model today for both the Commercial Mortgage Leads (Acquisition / ReFiannce) and Modification programs. This new model creates more options and price flexibility for those in the industry who want to get started but need to do so within their budget. The new price model also allows for more of an ala carte menu in terms of leads, training, support and advertising services.

January 1, 2011: - Modification Program Updated for New Year Upgraded it's modification web site located at with new updated case studies, sample proposals, analysis, docs, forms and agreeemnts.